Interactive Bird Simulation Toy

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Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats 

Keep your indoor cat healthy and happy by keeping them engaged and active. 

Studies show that cats need much more than food and water to be at their ultimate level of health – not to mention happiness. They need to exercise – not only their nimble bodies but also their curious minds.

The Purrlab’s Interactive Bird Simulation Toy Set were created with the cat’s curiosity and spirit in mind and with everything they love – from fluttering feathers to bouncy birds. They’ll love jumping and pouncing at these unpredictable, fun interactive cat toys.


Transform your cat's playtime

Is your cat spending too much time snoozing and not enough time playing? Just like humans, cats need regular exercise to stay healthy. Our interactive bird toy set is here to save the day!

End your Cat's Boredom

A bored cat that sleeps all day may experience changes in behaviour and health. This self-play toy keeps them engaged independently, freeing up your time while ensuring they're mentally and physically stimulated and happy.

Gesture of Love

Cats often bring in preys for their owners as a way to show appreciation and love. Our interactive toy isn't just a plaything – it's a gesture of love that your feline friend will truly cherish. Giving your cats gifts shows them love in a way they understand.

Cat Owners Love It 😻

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