Feline Fun Bundle

$128.49 $102.79

Unleash the ultimate feline fun with our sensational cat toy bundle.

1. Interactive Cat Feather Toy: The PurrLab’s Interactive Cat Toys were created with the cat’s curiosity and spirit in mind and with everything they love – from fluttering feathers to bouncy birds. They’ll love jumping and pouncing at these unpredictable, fun interactive cat toys.

2. Cat Scratching Ball: Does your cat like to scratch things that you don't want them to scratch? This cat scratching ball is your answer! This scratching ball can satisfy your cat's scratching instinct. its easy to install and it's made from environmentally friendly materials.

3. Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board: The magic organ cat scratching board comes with a ball which rolls around the track as your kitty hits and chases it! This Cat Scratching toy uses high-quality environmentally-friendly corrugated paper, with tight gaps, which will never hurt the cat's claws.

4. Catnip Plush: This unique toy appeals to a cat's instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey and will reduce loneliness when you are not at home. This toy is filled with catnip and will keep kitties entertained for hours.

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