Bosco - Feathered Cat Toy


Bosco, the rumoured king of the night sky, had never been touched by the sun’s rays until he broke free of his master’s curse. Though his reputation is that of a trickster, there is nothing of malice in him. The truth is he is bound by an oath never to hurt another creature – but this does not stop him from loving the hunt.

Bosco darts, weaves and entices his natural predators (earthly felines) to give chase. Through his quick and unpredictable movements, he aids in keeping earthly felines nimble, healthy and never bored.

Entice your cat to play and exercise with this one-of-a-kind feathered cat toy. With two ways to play – hold the wand or secure to the stand which attaches to hard surfaces (floor or window) – your cat stays intrigued. 

  • Ignites your cat’s natural instincts
  • Encourages bonding and play with cat
  • Nurtures your cat’s mental wellness by engaged, needed stimulation

Be the reason a cat is safe – we donate $1 from every purchase to the RSPCA to help kitties in need. 

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