Cat Care Essential Bundle

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At The Purrlab, we understand that being a cat owner can sometimes be challenging. That's why we've carefully curated the Cat Owner's Ease Bundle, a collection of must-have products designed to make your life easier while ensuring your cat's happiness and well-being.

  1. Anti-Choking Cat Bowl: Designed to enhance your cat's dining comfort. With a gentle tilt, it promotes a natural feeding angle, reducing neck strain and minimising the risk of choking. Crafted from durable, non-toxic materials and it's easy to clean.

  2. Grooming Brush For Cats: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually removing hair from your brush, as this innovative design features a convenient button for easy hair removal. Made with high-quality materials, this brush is gentle on your cat's skin and fur, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience.

  3. Cat Nail Clipper: The perfect tool for precise cat nail care. Made from premium stainless steel, this durable nail clipper features sharp blades for clean and accurate trimming. With its comfortable grip handle, you can confidently and effortlessly maintain your cat's nails.

  4. Waterproof Cat Litter Mat: Made from waterproof materials that are gentle on paws and scratch-resistant, Cleanup is a breeze, simply lift and watch the litter fall through the honeycomb layer. Give your cat the gift of a clean and happy home with our top-quality litter mat.

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