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The Purrlab’s Promise

Our mission at Purrlab is to curate a stronger, more loving connection between cats and their people. 

Sadly, we understand that not every cat has a person. Many cats are in cruel, neglectful situations. There are countless cats without safe homes.

While we cannot change this fact, we will do everything in our power to help cats in need.

What is The Purrlab doing to help shelter cats?

We donate!

We at The Purrlab donate $1 to the RSPCA for every order to help cats in need.


What is the RSPCA?

For more than 180 years, The RSPCA, or Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has worked tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of animals.

This work is important to us at the Purrlab. Heartbreakingly, many cats in the care of the RSPCA have never known a comfortable and loving home. They have not had the benefit of a strong connection with a person they can call their own. 

The RSPCA depends on contributions to help push for changes in the law to improve the welfare of all animals. Their care helps animals in farms, homes, labs, and in the wild. 

Our goal is to see every cat find a loving home. We believe that every cat deserves a safe, secure home with love AND fun.

Will you help us with our mission?

What do our donations do?

The RSPCA relies solely on donations and legacies from animal lovers like us. Their vast $128 million annual costs need our support.

Your donation empowers the RSPCA to:

  • Care for neglected animals
  • Investigate complaints of cruelty
  • Find these animals loving homes
  • Provide life-saving vaccinations to animals
  • Rescue animals from suffering and neglect
  • Raise awareness of issues facing neglected animals

What your Purrlab purchases do

  • Every 25 purchases made from the Purrlab  ($25) could help provide a full health check for a cat rescued from neglect.
  • Every 50 purchases from the Purrlab ($50)  could help equip an inspector's van with an animal first aid kit, pet carrier, and animal-catching set.

When you buy from The Purrlab, not only are you making your own kitty happy with a fun toy and a way to connect with you, their person - you’re also making a donation to cats in need. You’re making a difference.

Join us in making the world a better place for cats everywhere!

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